It's that time of year again....

the nights are drawing in, the side lights are being turned on (a little too early to light the logburner though) and it's time for Autumn tv, yes those great drama's that always turn up at this time of year, I haven't watched much tv over the summer, but looking through this weeks tv guide, there is a lot to look forward to...this is what I will be watching this week

Tonight     The Last Weekend  ITV 9pm

Monday    Lorraine's Fast Fresh and Easy Food  BBC2  8.30pm

Tuesday   The Great British Bake Off  BBC2  8pm

Wednesday   Mrs Biggs  ITV  9pm

Thursday  The Bletchley Circle   ITV  9pm

Friday  Parades End  BBC2  9.30pm

What will you be watching this week???


  1. have to confess our woodburner's been lit most nights right thru the "summer", albeit with the windows open some nights!
    Is it me (yes probably) or does it just seem so damp everywhere!

  2. So true, at 8 pm it's already time to go indoor and turn the light on, instead of chilling under the patio until 9.30 pm and enjoying the sunset :( so sad!
    Have a good week Maria!

  3. A disappointing summer, but last week was so much better. Rain today, so back to normal. Lots of TV progs to catch up with - why do so many good ones have to be shown at the same time. Hope you have a good week.

  4. I'm watching Dallas,I love Lorraine, and I'll be tuning in to Strictly at the weekend and of course Downton when it comes...can't wait!
    Quite looking forward to the Autumn,going for bracing walks and then back home to cosy up by the fire. :0)


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