Bedtime reading...

It is that time of year again, the nights are drawing in, an early night is appealing (no heating on at the moment) keeping warm with a good book...
Loving the simplicity of Nigel Slater's recipes
The romance of Santa Montifiori's The Affair
Picking up tips, hopefully from Poppy Treffry's Free and Easy Stitch Style
and hoping to plan my own cutting garden for next Summer with Sarah Raven's Cut Flowers...
What is your bedtime reading at the mo?
Have a lovely weekend all!


  1. I'm putting that Nigel Slater book on my Christmas list.
    It's getting really nippy in the mornings and evenings now.Will resist putting on the heating for a bit longer though. :0)

  2. my bedtime reading is Perry Wood's Real Riding...if only one tiny iota sinks in, me 'n' Bruce will have a lot to be thankful for!

  3. Oh Maria, already thinking of putting on the heating?! Well, I've been wearing a scarf all day, the crispy September air is killing my throat and neck :-)
    Honestly my bedtime reading is my laptop, shame on me!

  4. I've got Jason Statham by my bed (unfortunately only the book!)


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