A wet Sunday and New Stock!

Well! what a miserable wet and windy Sunday. All this rain has really hampered the process of clearing my FIL's house, which has been a big part of our lives for the last few weeks. Sorting boxes

Sorting out space to move items from there to here

this pile, was once a wardrobe! one afternoon I had a thought, yes our son can have that wardrobe from our room, and we can then have the lovely old wardrobe of my FIL's, so, I empty the wardrobes, move my sons room around to make room, and then try to move said wardrobe, uh oh, it won't go under the door, we then remember, that must be why the previous owners of the house left the wardrobe in the house. What now my hub asks, we will have to take it apart, I reply. As you can see, we did, but unfortunately we weren't able to put it back together again!!
And so it goes on......
Today I have added some new items to the website, including

Please pop over and take a peek, if you have a moment......
Have a great week! Lets hope the weather improves!


  1. It seems that all my English friends have enough of rain and bad weather..
    Hi Maria, have a good and hopefully sunny week!
    Michela x


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