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..whilst out shopping recently, I came across this magazine on the rack, now it's quite expensive, I must admit, but after flicking through, I thought I would need to have a closer I am one of those people who loves tinkering and making, but is not really very good at it, the things I attempt to make turn out OK, but just OK, they don't have that professional look...Anyway as we are now approaching Christmas head on, I am trying to be ultra organised this year, so I have the time to make a wreath, gift tags and decorate my own wrap paper, well thats the aim!? Anyway back to just turns out to have ideas for making a wreath, decorating wrap paper plus much more...

I especially love the letters and will be having a go at those, and the blackboards look fun too....There is also a guide to quilt making and an interview with Kaffe Fassett...
Issue 3 is out on the 9th December and is being advertised as the Vintage edition, interesting!!
With the snow falling, what better way to pass the time.....
Have a good week........


  1. It looks very tempting indeed!
    Have a cosy weekend and enjoying the view from your window..ah..lucky you! (ok, I know the problems it's causing in your country, but snow is always so romantic, isn't it?! :)

  2. I did see an earlier edition and thought it interesting but as it was so expensive I didn't actually buy one - must pop into Smiths and have a look.


  3. I couldn't resist buying one either, now... if I can only find time to actually read it!

  4. Oh i hope i can find it here somewhere.It looks lovely.
    I always need a good example before i get creative :)
    Have a happy Christmas.

  5. I've not seen that mag before but it looks lovely! Bibs (fellow Lincolnshire lass!!) x

  6. I have just bought issue 6 (Apr 2011) Natural Elements and it is very lovely - I love kitting and working with felt & this magazine gives me loads of creative ideas - just wish I had the time to get creative! It's difficult with a 3yr old and 7month old! I'll be able to get them involved one day though and I love the thought of leaving magazines/books around for them to find and be inspired by.


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