'Five Pleasures of Summer'

Well, we are midway through July now, so 'Summer' is in full swing, and we have had some lovely proper summer days, lets hope they return soon....through the lovely hot days, it got me thinking, what do us Brits most enjoy about our summertime. Well here is my top 5 fav pleasures...

1) Picking fresh flowers from the garden, especially Sweet Peas with their sweetly smelling scent, which makes them ideal for bringing indoors. They will be growing in abundance now, which means pretty flowers available every day!

2) Enjoying an Ice Cream! whether it be your fav lolly or favourite flavour of ice cream (homemade strawberry) in a cornet, or an ice cream sundae with fresh fruit, this is certainly a pleasure on a hot summer's day....

3) Relaxing with a good read, either that new magazine, that must read novel or just the daily newspaper, there is nothing more relaxing than sat indoors or outdoors enjoying a good read...

4) Outdoor Living and Picnics, whether it be a long lunch or dinner in the evening sun or enjoying a glass of wine, it is really lovely to let the outdoors in so to speak. Even just eating your lunchtime sandwich on a park bench brings rewards!

And last but not least at Number 5) The Garden the biggest pleasure of Summer is the garden in full bloom, all those plants coming to life and showing off, surprising every year, making that colourful back drop to all the above, but aswell as flowers there is also the vegetable garden, producing the food we eat, Tomatoes, Courgettes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Lettuce to name but a few of the things we grow here, without the garden the outdoor living would not be possible, the fresh flowers could not be picked, the fresh food could not be served at the table and so it goes on...

What are your favourite pleasures of summer?
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Have a great week!


  1. my fave pleasures for summer are all doing things outdoors- and right now I'm stuck inside, eating toast 'n' jam and listening to Johnny Wlaker on radio 2 while trying to drum up some enthusiasm to list fabrics on eBay.
    So why am I reading through blogs. . .??!
    Back to work..

  2. I think you summed it up! Mind you the weather is making me lazy, it would be so lovely to be able to have a meal outside. Come on sun, come back....

  3. What a lovely post!
    I most enjoy spending time with my family... specially when hubby is on off work on holidays.
    ... Family trip outs!
    By the way... I love your website!
    I spotted a few treasures that it would lovely in my home/garden!


  4. All of the above!Thanks for lovely comment, going to check out your website. XX

  5. I love being outside in the evenings, it's bliss. I'm strugling with the garden a bit with this dry weather but I do have a few little oases of prettiness!

  6. I'm so jealous of your sweet peas. Every year I try to grow them and every year I fail! We do have perrennial sweet peas which are fab....but haven't got the yummy fragrance of the annual ones!


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