Spring to Early Summer already!

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather we have had and although it has turned cooler again now, it is still dry and bright. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly everything changes in the garden at this time of year. All of a sudden plants that seemed so small the last time you looked, are now about to bloom or in full bloom! My flower border is just getting to that lovely 'established' stage, where some plants are filling out there space nicely and some need keeping in check, so as not to take over completely. I am loving the Alliums this year, and have made 'note to self' to purchase more for next year.

I always love this combination too..

White Daisy's with Red and Yellow Geum

I like my flower border's to have that non uniform, non conformist feel to them. These Blue Cornflowers are really pretty and so easy to grow, they self seed everywhere, but they do tend to spread out and flop over as they grow larger. Once they have flowered all you need to do is cut them right back and wait for the new growth and new flowers. So easy and so pretty!

It's hard to believe we are coming to the end of May already, somehow Spring has flown by and Early Summer is already here...

I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend and the weather is not too bad... No rain here yet! We are praying for rain as the water butts are empty and the ground is rock hard!

Also some lovely goodies have been added to the Country Style Living website, including....

Vernon Ward Firescreen

Pretty Renoir print

Country Style Shopping Basket

Have a great week! Only a short one too....


  1. The garden is looking lovely, mine is needing some work but the clematis are already looking great!!!

  2. Love the flowers- my type of garden but alas the hens have trampled everything here.
    Next year their territory will have to be restricted!

    The new goodies look gorgeous, I love your taste.

  3. My philosophy is that you can never have too many alliums in a garden!

  4. What a lovely garden you have. Love your shop goodies especially the vernon ward print. Jane x

  5. oooh I love your renoir print - do you know what it's called? We're doing painting at college next term and I'm starting my research now so I might include it :o) Thanks for your comment over at michellemadethis. I'm writing another list at the miinute - I'll never learn!! Have a lovely weekend x oh and I've 'liked' your FB page too x

  6. I just spied that lovely pink coloured chair, love the colour..x

  7. Hi, the new additions to the site look great and your flowers are so pretty! Oh and looking at your last post I love You magazine as well :)

    Must check out your site, Mel xxx

  8. Your flowers look so pretty especially the alliums. I forgot to plant some, must remember next time! They are such a stunning plant to have.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x


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