Loving the Library....

..I have been keeping myself busy reading these Country home books.... which I have borrowed from the library....Now in our village, the lady at the library knows you by name, is really helpful and you get a lovely personal service. You don't get the largest selection of books, but I make up for that by ordering any I fancy a look at, over the internet for collection at a later date. When you then collect your books, it gives you a similar feeling, to receiving a parcel, or collecting a parcel, that same excitement and anticipation..... I recently visited our local town's library, which has now gone self service, it totally confused me, and I had to be shown how to use everything....I think I much prefer the friendly personal service.....

Anyhow these are the books I am talking about....

A lovely book containing really inspiring images...

Another great book, showing different ways to decorate and design an indoor outdoor space....

Great book for those who love to add floral decor to their home...

and last but not least...
A really useful book, showing how to attempt small diy tasks....
I have recently collected another batch, more of them at a later date.....
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  1. I've just become a copy cat and reserved the Thrifty chic book, great idea, happy reading.

  2. I see a trip to the library in my future.. I just love books like these. I really need some ideas and incentive to get my mojo going. It has been a long Winter!
    Have a Blessed week!

  3. I adore books, I think Libraries are one of my favourite places, I always wanted to be a Librarian as a child.
    Those books all look great, I must hunte them down. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing the lovely books!!
    Take care
    Bridie x

  5. Love the library! On line it's like Amazon without paying!!!

  6. I have a library within walking distance of my house so I MUST make more use of it! I LOVE those kind of books...so inspirational.I'm always dreaming of my next little decorating project.You have a lovely blog by the way.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  7. Hello Maria!
    Thank you so much for your visit, at least now I can say "thank you" for following my blog, as I couldn't find any link to yours.
    What a great selection of books..I wouldn't mind to have a peek into "Thrifty chic" ;-)

  8. That book on shed Chic looks worth a read.
    I have just had a little peek at your profile, you seem to have a lovely lifestyle and a wood burner lucky you! Is there room for another,
    I am only little, Oh and do you have a view, haha?
    Em x

  9. they look fab, you're library is great! I love going to the library - the fact that it is one of the really few places left in the world where no-one has a mobile phone is just bliss!!

  10. My library is sadly shocking when it comes to good books.

  11. Hello Maria, thanks for your kind comments.
    I love your site, and the fab goodies for sale on your website!


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