Cutting Patch update...

I think I may have mentioned previously, that our garden was under going a little makeover/change, firstly after all the winds over Winter, we had to replace the fence, so we had to clear plants, to make way for that to be put up, a few of the plants are still in their temporary pots, but now after weekends of hard work, mostly my husbands, things are starting to come together

This lovely patch is one side along the fence...
Then next to that is 'The Cutting Patch' which I hope will be full of floral loveliness very soon! The seedlings are growing quickly!
And now the slabs are being laid (all be it, slowly) for the shed to stand on...
These things are so easy to plan, but as we get older, harder to put into practice! 
But finally things are getting there!

Enjoy your weekend!


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