All change!

At the auction recently I bought a rather useful but scruffy Tallboy cabinet, one sunny Bank Holiday weekend I decided to start transforming it, with the intention to sell it on. After rubbing back the chippy paintwork (sorry I forgot to take the before pics) I stared to paint the cabinet a mixed green colour, which to be honest looked awful! I then over painted this with white  with the intention of rubbing back and distressing, my husband then suggested wallpapering the drawer fronts and door panels, as we have done many times before.
Overnight it was suggested the cabinet may be quite useful in our kitchen, a little measuring was done and a decision made!
We moved the freestanding fridge freezer into the utility and moved the cabinet in, oh hang on , I have a lovely painted wall cabinet that would hang above the cabinet, and there you go, as so often happens some items never make it for resale!
I love how things can always be improved in the home!

Have a lovely week!


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