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I borrowed this fab new book from the library, this weekend, written by Kate Beavis, owner of online vintage store, Your Vintage Life, it's a little bit different from the usual, offering not only lovely inspiring images, but also a little history and background information on different era's, starting with the 1920's/1930's right through to the 1990's. It also includes information on the homewares of the era, aswell as giving tips on restoring, said items, to their former glory!
WARNING! Lot's of images follow...

My particular favourite era is 1920's/1930's venturing into 1940's/1950's. What's yours?
Have a great week...


  1. Hi Maria,
    What a fab book , hope it's also in the library in the Netherlands. Thanks for sharing! Anita x

  2. I've afraid mine is ALL of it! (that's probably why I have such clutter!)

  3. Thanks for sharing, the 20s /30s house is mine, it seems strange seeing it on the pages of a book and reading about it in your blog !
    Ann x

  4. Love the duck egg blue door. Why do we always play safe and go for white or magnolia?

  5. Thanks for a nice write up x Kate


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