A tidy up!

I feel my blog has been a little neglected over the last few months, one of the reasons is trying to juggle between all the other social media tools out there, and real life of course! Anyway as the nights pull in, I am thinking it would be nice to devote a bit more time to it, catch up with a few folk etc. So this morning I have gone through my Blog list and sorted out some of the blogs I follow, (so many that have fallen by the way side) so hopefuly it will be easier to keep up with my favourite reads, now I just have to find some interesting topics to write about!


The Cutting Patch this week!
Have a lovely long weekend folks!


  1. Your garden looks lovely and you're not in need of fresh flowers so to see!I recognize the feeling to divide your time with so many kinds of social media and real life.For me Instagram is my latest "addiction".Though it's really nice to share your pictures and thoughts with like minded.Looking forward to your next post,Anita xo


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