Bit of a Dilemma...

As a lot of you may know the Royal Mail parcel prices changed as of the beginning of this month,  quite considerably as it turns out, this has put me in a bit of a dilemma, I already use a courier for large parcels, but due to the changes, I feel I now need to look elsewhere for the delivery of smaller parcels too. I have always been happy using Royal Mail, supporting the couple who run our small local Post Office, in my own small way, they have always been very helpful with my enquiries and I have not had a lot of problems with deliveries etc, so I feel a little guilty about going elsewhere. I am wondering what will happen if others, like me have to look elsewhere too, as I am sure they most probably will. I have always tried to keep postage costs to a minimum, even losing out on cost sometimes, but you can only ask people to pay so much! I have looked into cheaper options, one particular courier service is very reasonably priced, but seems to have mixed reviews with regard to service etc, which is a worry, but I feel I have no other option but to give them a try, I am sure once I get into the swing of things with them, things will be fine, but where does that leave our local Post Office?
On a lighter note a few more new bits have been added to the Country Style Living website today...including

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  1. This really is a bad move on Royal mail's part and all of us small businesses are very worried about it. The small items in particular are very expensive no matter how light they are, if they do not fit within the ridiculous slot at the PO. I have been reading today how it will affect the small offices and it does seem as though RM have not thought this through. As if times are not tough enough for so many, RM have to go make an unhelpful decision about these small and light packages in particular that will hurt everyone....except them I suppose...unless we can use someone else.


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