Summer Flowers...

In the past I have been prone to buying flowers for the house, but not this year, inspired by the lovely images on Blogger and Facebook of other peoples hand picked arrangements, I have managed to fill the house with pots of lovliness all Summer...

Picking now, Japanese Anemones

Pretty Hydrangea's
Lovely Rose's of course!
More Roses's
Spring flowers...
Sweet Pea's too...
Flowering shrubs...
Everlasting Sweet Pea's
What have you been picking?
Have a great week! 


  1. I love sweet peas,they're my favourites.
    Love all your pretty arrangements too.
    My plants are all in pots and most are over now.My sister has a big garden and brings me lovely little posies that she's picked when she visits. :0)

  2. some years ago I held my stepson's wedding reception at home.
    His bride had stipulated a country-themed wedding so the setting was perfect, and I iced the cake with trailing country flowers.
    Completing the scene, I picked armsful of hedgerow flowers the night before and decked the buffet tables either side of the cake with pitchers of foxgloves, honeysuckle, borage, flowering comfrey and suchlike.
    You can imagine my dismay on Wedding Morning when I had to re-set the tables and change cloths due to an army of tiny (unseen!) snails who had marched slime across everything...there was even a snail perched on top of the cake!
    I never told anyone about this- its too late now if they read it here!

  3. I've been good this year too. My favourites are roses and sweet peas from our garden. I have cheated this week though, I've got some gorgeous gladioli from the supermarket and Mr VG came home last night with two bunches of flowers, but the roses hardly have any scent - how do we produce a rose without scent?!


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