Our Dog Ruby....

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine! I hope there is still some more to come.....in a weeks time our local Rescue Dog Charity, from where we got our dog Ruby, hold their annual sponsored walk, unfortunately this year we are unable to take part, due to our boys football match. Recently I have been thinking back to how we came to have our beloved Ruby. I often think of her early years with us, when she came to us, she was so scared of the cars, when we walked on the pavement, I couldn't vac up with her in the house or the garden, she was so frightened, she wet all the time with nervousness. We didn't know her history, only that she had been in a council compound up north and the charity had taken her on, monitored her character etc before trying to rehome her.

As soon a I saw her, my first words were "you are a pretty girl" the charity thought she would be good with children, and that has proved to be the case, she loves to be the centre of attention, so much so, we try to include in all we can. As time as gone on she has learnt to trust us, there is no more nervousness, no more being scared of the vac or cars. On our walks around a nearby field, I see how happy she is running freely, I can almost see the smile on her face, she is our dog now, not just the dog we rehomed. She is loyal, loving and so eager to please and so remorseful if she steps out of line. The time she has been with us, has flown by, she is now showing signs of age, a little grey around the mouth, the other day someone commented and said "she is getting old now" I dare not think of that day in the future, when she is no longer with us, she has made our family complete with her specail character....

The moral of the story is if you would love a dog, a special friend that will make you laugh, sometimes make you cry with joy and anger (only sometimes!) then please think about rehoming a dog, they will love you for it!
Also I just wanted to say I have been reading all your lovely blogs, but I haven't left many comments recently, life has been very hectic here over the past few weeks, (we sadly lost the elderly relative (my father in law) at the end of Feb), and blogger seems to take an age sometimes to load blogs then comment pages etc. that I just haven't had the time to do it all. I will catch up with all very soon! I shall also be adding some bits of new stock to the website, hopefully in the next few days.....
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Maria, sorry to hear about your loss.
    Ruby is such a cute dog and so lucky to have found a family like yours :)

  2. Ruby is lovely and you are lucky to have each other, yes she may be showing signs of age but since you got her she has been with a loving family and treasured, her life since then has been great.

    Love Jill x

  3. Ruby is gorgeous!! What a lovely story. x

  4. What a sweetheart she is,you are giving her such a wonderful life and she will repay you a thousand times over.May she have a very long life with you. My life would not be the same without my Bella.
    Hope you are coming to terms with your loss,so sorry.

  5. hiya,
    animals really do enrich our lives don't they.
    Sorry to hear about your f-i-l and al the upheaval that follows, hope you're making some me-time to enjoy the spring weather

  6. Hello Maria,
    This is my first comment on your blog. Seeing you write about 'your Ruby' has just touched a nerve. We have just lost Lucy our lovely girl. We collected her from the RSPCA in 1995. She was a tiny puppy, a cross between a beagle and a poodle. We called her our 'bugle'. From a very unsure start - we just could not get her housetrained or get her to settle - she grew into a loving member of our family. She was such a character and I have so many photos such as yours, on the bed or settee. She only died two weeks ago and the house seems so empty. So anyone reading this with a pet, please cherise them.
    Maria I always view your website, so much so that it has inspired me to build my own to empty my cupboards of collectables.
    Marilyn x


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