A little bit of history.....the 'Penny Lick'

Yesterday I uploaded some new items to the website, including a victorian glass 'penny lick' glass, now I didn't actually know what this little glass was at first and had to be told, so I thought it might make an interesting blog post......

I looked up penny lick on Wikipedia and this is what they say....

A penny lick was a small glass for serving ice cream from the mid nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. Street vendors would sell the contents of the glass for one penny. The glass was usually made with a thick glass base and a shallow depression on top in which the ice cream was placed. The customer would lick the glass clean and return it to the vendor, who would reuse it.
The penny lick was banned in London in 1899 due to concerns about the spread of disease, as the glasses were not always washed between customers....

Enjoy your week!


  1. aha...I can see why they were banned!

    Love the new website stock

  2. My sister just sent me the exact same Penny Licks. I've been wanting to find some for 20 years and mentioned to her in passing. Today these turned up in my mailbox!


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