To be Thankful for?

Last week I caught a snippet of the tv programme Loose Women, not a programme I watch regular, but it happened to be on and they were talking about David Cameron's New Year speech and the fact that 2012 is going to be a tough year. Sally Lyndsay made a comment, saying that we need to thankful for and appreciate the smaller things of life and that way we will stay positive. Carol McGiffen then said she felt thankful after landing at Heathrow and there was no queue at passport control.

During my thoughful daily dog walks, I dwelled on this conversation and after mulling it over, I found I agreed with her, Yes, we should be thankful for the simple pleasures of life and the small achievements we make!

This is what I am Thankful for this week..........

The weather has been so mild and very Spring like, which has mean't I have been able to hang the washing out most days, and although still damp afterwards, it has mean't not having to waste money using the tumble dryer!
This one is also weather related. The mild weather also means we haven't had to use our oil heating as much as normal, and also we still have a half load of logs left, whereas this time last year, we were desperately awaiting a new load!
and lastly I am Thankful we have not got carried away this Christmas and over spent!

2012 is going to be tough, which means it is going to be a year of being Thankful for what we do have and the small simple pleasures of life..........
What are you Thankful for this week???


  1. How true? We need to concentrate on what we have and not what we don't have and maybe this year will make us do just that. I am grateful for so many things: beautiful day here today, health to enjoy it, food enough to eat, a comfortable home, no need to use the heating during the day due to good insulation and mild weather, etc etc and best of all I was able to have a chat with my daughter yesterday after a 6 week silence but am also thankful for e-mails which keep me in touch with her when phone is not an option!

  2. Interesting points. I'm always politician wary, hard times ahead but for whom? I can't take the weight of the counties troubles and hes paid to do so. So I'm like you very much concentrating here and now, little things. Maybe 2012 won't be so bad after all.

    This week I was thankful for time, having time to spend with my daughter when she needed to chat. Not everyone has the luxury of free time.

  3. If our loved ones are safe and we have good health,then we should be thankful for that.
    I'm thankful that my mother is recovering well after having a bad fall last week.

  4. Hmmmmmm this last week has been a difficult one for me. I couldn't share about it as my hubby reads my blog from time to time and I make a point of never discussing family stuff - but his sister has really gone overboard and has upset me - I am thankful that, despite my mum no longer being here, the values she taught me have kept me on sane....and I will carry on feeling content and safe with those people around me who are good eggs. xxxx

  5. What a lovely blog, so I am thankful for stumbling onto it, but I am also thankful for my children growing up into two level headed ambitious young adults - even if I feel a little sad and lonely at times. I feel very lucky.

  6. Great post, you should have linked it to the Planet Penny Reasons to be Cheerful Linky! It definitely qualifies!
    love Penny x


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