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We had a rather stressful week last week, when an elderly relative had a fall and had to be taken to hospital, everything stood still for a while, after the initial shock and emotional roller coaster, hospital visits and family to stay we are trying to find some normality this week. Luckily he is making a bit of a recovery, but unfortunately things will not be as they once were. On a brighter note, I took a little break on Saturday afternoon, and what better way to relax than to spend time scouring junk shops. I found the top George Hann print, which I originally bought to resell. That was, until my husband saw it! The two bottom prints already hang in our bathroom and so now does a third. I don't really know much about the artist, but I love his paintings, the vibrant colours, the loose style and of course a lot them are set in Paris.

We inherited this bush when we moved into our current home, and very nearly threw it out. I am so glad we let it stay, as a couple of days ago it really looked so pretty with its multicoloured Autumn leaves. It is also very prickly! It is hard to believe we are approaching the middle of November, the garden, although there are quite clear signs of Autumn, still looks pretty good. We still have some colour with pretty roses, fuschia, and sedum, but I am dreading that first sharp frost, when nothing will survive. Plus some days I am still able to wear a tshirt and sandals............

Have a lovely week!


  1. Congratulations on having these lovely prints! And your berberis bush is just beautiful!

  2. I also love those old style tourist prints of Paris and the South of France resorts - maybe former French Caribbean colonies or Outremer as they refer to them. I collect the Parisian prints and watercolours by various artists. I don't know George Hann particularly, but your prints are so typical of that era.

    So sorry to hear of your concerns about an elderly relative as we are in the same position and totally understand what you are going through. Sending best wishes for a hopeful outcome. Stay strong. Cx

  3. hi Maria,
    sorry to hear about your relative's fall...always a worryIng and unsettling time, I hope the changes settle down into a new and acceptable routine.

    I'm actually looking forward to the first frosts- this mild November doesn't quite seem right to me!

    Love the berberis, so colourful

  4. Glad your relative is on the mend. The weather has been quite strange, I would rather have it cold and bright than so unseasonably warm, damp and grey!


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