Autumn days, You mag, and discounts!

Well today is one of those lovely sunny, Autumn days with clear skies and a cheerfulness in the air!

This weekends issue of You mag, had a great article written by Mimi Spencer, noting the comeback of tea cosies on the teapot, afternoon tea, baking...... fuddy-duddy living is back on the style radar, as she puts it!

Also included, aswell as the great recipes and of course Liz Jones column, was this advertisement for a great looking book 'Homemade Gifts vintage Style'..........

Just a quick note also, there are new arrivals over on the Country Style Living website, aswell as a special offer, if you are thinking of giving vintage gifts this Christmas, you may wish to take a look..........

Have a great week!


  1. I love a tea cosy on a tea pot!
    I've got a lovely stripy one on the T.Pot today!
    Looks very cheerful!

    I think that tea time should def make a come back....not that it ever really left this house!


  2. I don't bother to read the Mail on Sunday,but I enjoy the YOU mag! Love having friends round for tea,so I can use my knitted tea cosy and pretty vintage china.Hope you have a good week.

  3. glad to know fuddy duddy living is back in style...its never gone out of style here so it'll be the first time I've been fashionable!

  4. Hi Maria!
    Thank you for your message on my blog, I'm ok, thank you, just having a long break after a few happenings. Hope you're well too!
    Michela x

  5. The You magazine is a must read on Sunday mornings. This issue was great, but I must admit to turning to the back page first every time to catch up with Liz Jones!

  6. Hello Hello!

    Please pop over to my blog....I have awarded you with a blog award for being so wonderful!!!


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