Hunstanton Beach...........

Yesterday we headed off to Sandringham, for what may become an annual trip, apple picking. After loading up the car with lovely apples, apple juice and cider! We headed to Hunstanton ( unfortunately due the deaths of several dogs,of an unknown cause after visiting Sandringham woods, we didn't want to risk it) beach, the beach here is beautiful.........

A very happy dog!

We then headed into town, for a fish and chip lunch and an ice cream............
A very enjoyable day!


  1. Sounds lovely and the photos show it looks good too!

  2. You were meant to say a very enjoyable "Sundae"!LOL!
    How sad to hear about those poor dogs, anyway your puppy looks very cute!
    Have a good week Maria!

  3. Wow! I haven't been to 'Hunstan' beach since I was a child several decades ago (!) My father was stationed at RAF Marham and this was a popular summer day trip. Somewhere my mother has a photo of us with my sister on a donkey, the start of her lifelong love affair with the equine family.

    It looks very different in your pics. The beach seems vast. I'm sure there used to be wooden groins and it was very traditional English 'seasidey' with the donkey rides etc Of course that was in a) high summer and b) the 1950s! But I'm glad to know that fish 'n chips and icecream are still on offer. Very enjoyable to see and read, thank you!

  4. Love it there,but Holkham beach even more! Apparently there's a man at Hunstanton who spends all day putting rocks under the cliffs to try and protect them from eroding.He's a well known character in the area! :0)


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