The Veg Patch...........

It's that time of year..........we start to reap the rewards from the little veg patch within our garden, this is mainly my husbands side of the garden, he plants and weeds and plans, sometimes it has not always worked out, but this year not only is the produce really good, but the plot looks well planned and maintained........

Tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse. Kidney beans, beetroot, leeks, carrots plus more in the garden.

Lots of raspberries

if we can pick them before the birds!

And of course we need to use the produce, one cookbook I picked up from the local library and have found very useful is this one by Annie Bell

Recipes are easy to follow and do not need lots of ingredients............

I hope to list some new products on the Country Style Living website shortly.
Have a great week!


  1. I've been rubbish with veg growing this year, your patch looks very productive!

  2. Ciao Maria!
    Well done to your hubby, everything looks so healthy!
    Have a lovely week!


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