Time flies when you are having fun..........

so the saying goes. It is hard to believe we are approaching the middle of July already! and the nights will soon be closing in........... It is only a couple of weeks since I last posted, but it seems an age ago, there just never seems to be enough time, and now we have the long school holidays approaching, things will only get worse, as most of my time will no longer be my own, although I do look forward to those unstructured  slower paced days of the holidays. My son is growing up fast and so it will be nice to spend some quality time together......

Recently I entered a giveaway over on the lovely Michela's blog, which I was lucky enough to win, and this is what I received

a lovely carry bag and matching tea towel aswell as a very pretty perfume sample bottle, which made the whole parcel smell lovely.  Thankyou Michela

I have just listed some new items over on the Country Style Living website please do pop over and take a look, I shall be adding some more items in the next couple of days.

I look forward to popping in and catching up with you all over the next couple of days.
Have a lovely weekend all!


  1. Enjoy some time with your son Maria, you know that your bloggy friends are always here!


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