A Quick Catch Up!.....

I hope all you Mums out there, had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday!.........I was treated to lovely daffs, great homemade card, Milk Tray and some lovely homegrown plants for the garden..........

As I mentioned in my last post, we made some changes to the garden at the end of last year, but unfortunately due to the harsh winter, we look to have lost more plants than normal this year. 

One book I recently borrowed from the library is

Carol Kleins 'Life in a Cottage Garden'

It is a lovely book.........giving monthly and daily tips as the seasons change throughout the year. A must for any keen gardener! I didn't manage to watch the TV series ( I can't remember why) hopefully it may repeat at some point.

I love cottage gardens.........the lovely garden was the reason we bought our first house, but as with life the garden needs to change to suit the owners needs (lawns for children to play etc)
This was that garden in Spring.......

When we first moved in beyond the arch was planted aswell..........Happy Memories

There is also new stock over on the Country Style Living website, please take a look...

Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Mothers day! Carol Klein is fab-her garden is not far from me here in North Devon, keep meaning to get her book so good to hear you enjoyed it, thanks for your post.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Must say always pleased to hear from anyone who may remotely share my obsession with MotoGP! I earned a £5 voucher at work recently, so may just invest in that book. I have always liked Carol Klein. She appears hard-working and very knowledgable. I watched the series, and enjoyed it. x

  3. Hi Maria, I just wanted to wish you Happy Easter!


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