Your Interior Style?

I thought I would do a little 'Giveaway'. I am not sure what exactly yet, perhaps a magazine, Country Living or Country Homes and Interiors, a luxury bar of chocolate, a packet of seeds, along with a couple of surprises...... all you need to do, to enter is leave a comment below, telling me what best describes your 'Home Interiors Style'. Here are a few examples Modern Country, Vintage, Vintage Country, Eclectic, Pretty, Contemporary or perhaps it is something else? The giveaway will end on Saturday 5th January at 6pm, and I will make the draw soon after that.....

Just a quick mention, I recently purchased this lovely Patchwork Lampshade from here...

I love the vibrant retro feel it has......
Have fun thinking up your style, just to join in, I would describe my style as 'eclectic with a country twist' when we lived in our small cottage it was definitely 'country cottage' but since moving (with all the same furniture) it now looks slightly different, if that makes sense...........


  1. Make do and mend perhaps or Shabby though probably not chic or Using up what I've got!!


  2. Hmm I would say fashion fusion. I have things from way back mixed with the latest trends.

  3. Charity Shop and Hand-Me-Down Chic (maybe)

    Having just bought my house and having no money for anything new (bar the essentials) I've relied on generosity and seeing the potential in things! It now means that I have things I love though.

  4. Ecletic vintage cottage with floral flair! (wow, what a mouthful!!)

  5. I think we could say modern country but the shabby chic is creeping in

  6. I suppose it's country/shabby chic with a spot of Swedish wishful thinking!

  7. Hello Maria!
    I'm still living with my family but one day my own home will have white furniture and many many many shining chandeliers! (shabby chic style maybe?)

  8. I would describe my lounge as contemporary with a touch of vintage ie bold wallpaper but my ornaments etc are mainly vintage finds. I think it goes together, well it does in my eyes!

  9. Hi Maria,
    My style is wannabe Country Landowner! Got the scrubbed pine table, got the inherited slat back chairs, got the shabby-chic aprons etc and got the Labrador (who supplies the country-stlye mud)!

  10. Don't think I have a style. Whatever takes my fancy!

  11. Practical and wipe clean. Not exactly glamorous sounding but the Swedish style I like would be difficult to maintain with young children.


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