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Whilst out on my travels bargain hunting, I came across this picture, at the time I was looking for a frame to show a piece of artwork my son had done,which I was very impressed with, so I bought the picture with that in my mind, once home I started to feel differently about the picture looking at the trees and the movement they showed and how realistic the picture was. I thought I may offer the picture for sale on the website ,but once I started looking at it again, I started to wonder if the picture was in fact a watercolour, I am still not completely sure, but I didn't want to open the frame up and spoil the back which still has it's original seal. So this is where your help is needed please, does anyone know of an artist by the name of Tatton Winter, the picture is called Returning from Market, as you will see it is a lovely picture in a pretty original frame. I have had a quick look through Google and know he was born in Lancashire, but also lived down south and died in 1928. Any other information would be much appreciated......

There is some lovely new stock over on the Country Style Living website too, if you would like take a peek.....

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  1. Hello Maria!
    Thank you for your funny comment!
    I'm impressed by your picture, it looks like a photograph! Now I'm off to your website for a bit of window-shopping :-)

  2. I can see why you have suddenly taken to the picture - but sorry can't help you as to whether it is a print or a watercolour. Just read that you love Charleston House we have just come back from a short break in Kent and visited Monks House which was where Virginia Woolf lived it was fascinating.
    love your blog

  3. Sorry I can't help with your dilema but had to say what a lovely picture. Could you gently ease the back off....I would curiosity would get the better of me!

  4. The only Tatton Winter I know if was painting from the 1890s until the 1920s. This certainly looks like his style. You could have made a great find.

  5. Hi, I have become a follower of your blog. I found you through seeing Blueberry Heart's blog. I love the country style, and we are building a new house. I have a blog called I live in South Australia. Hugs n Blessings from Oz!


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