Great Week for TV!

Once in a while, whilst looking through Saturdays 'Daily Mail Weekend' mag, I realise what a great week it is for someone like me, who loves home interior and cookery programmes, aswell as a good drama or film. And this is certainly a good week!! Here is my pick of the week ahead, although I am sure there are still some hidden gems too....

Today SAT I have already watched 'Whale Rider' and am looking forward to X Factor this evening. Wagner singing Kings of Leon?!

SUNDAY X Factor and then Downton Abbey at 9pm on ITV I don't want this series to end! I look forward to this programme in the same way I used too with Pride and Prejudice, the one with Colin Firth......

MONDAY Jamie at 5.30 on Channel 4 sometimes have to plus 1
The Little House 9pm on ITV

TUESDAY Jamie plus the long awaited new series of Kirsties Homemade Home 8pm Channel4 can't wait.....

WED Jamie again....then Nigel Slaters Simple Suppers, I love the simplicity of his meals

THURSDAY Jamie then Nigella 8pm BBC2 followed by River Cottage Everyday plus oned on Channel 4 at 9pm

FRI Jamie Last in the Series followed by Gardeners World BBC2 8.30pm

Please feel free to add any of the hidden gems I may have missed!

Have a great week.........


  1. Yes,TV's really great at the favourites..Downton,Strictly,Jamie and Nigella...looking forward to Kirstie's prog too.Tonight I'll be watching Rod Stewart on Piers Morgan. :o)

  2. ...oh forgot to add..the two part drama on Monday on ITV at 9pm called The Little House,is going to be one to watch I think.

  3. There's a new one from the BBC - Turn Back Time: The High Street. Filmed just down the road from me in Shepton Mallett

  4. I agree with you, I watched a few programs while staying at my friend's place and i think that your TV is just great!
    Happy Halloween! (^_^)

  5. I am really excited about Kirstie, if it is as good as the last one it will get my creative juices going again.

  6. And there was me saying there's nothing much on! Thanks for pointing out that Kirsty is back on Tuesday - I loved the last series. Haven't been watching Downton Abbey as we missed the first 2 or 3 episodes so am hoping it will come back again sometime as I want to see it. Must have another look at the review section in the Saturday paper and mark some of your suggestions.


  7. Ooh, Maria! I agree, a great week. I second Downton Abbey. Also, there's a new series on BBC1 at 9PM on Tuesday (after Kirstie) called Turn Back Time, which looks great. They have set up a shop from every time period since the early 1800s. Lynda xx

  8. Loving Downton Abbey too - and looking forward to Kirsties Homemade Home. Love River Cottage and never miss Desperate Housewives.

  9. Hi Maria, that's so funny as I just posted something similar on my facebook page the other day - I seem to be spoilt for choice on telly at the mo - good complaint though :O) I love Nigel Slater - he's so relaxing to watch


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