Escape to......

Well, we had a little emergency at the weekend! You may remember me writing about our new pet hamster, Stig, well after a disturbed night, with the dog unsettled and barking , we awoke to find Stig had gone. Gone where? I asked. Just gone, he's Escaped! was the reply. He had been cleaned out the evening before, but looking in at the empty cage, you wouldn't know it. it looked like it had been ransacked, the roof of his house was strewn across the cage, All the food had gone too! We looked high and low, even taking the skirting boards off in the bathroom, where there is small hole behind the sink. I got the vac out to see if that would bring him out, we asked Ruby the dog, as we now realised this is what had disturbed her in the night. There was no sight of him.....until, all had gone quiet, the thought of not seeing Stig again, had sunk in a little.....I heard a rustling in the kitchen and turned around to see Stig, fall out the side of the cupboard which houses our fridge. 'I've found him' I called 'Ring your Dad'. (I can't touch him you see, I stated this when we bought him, It makes me shiver just thinking about it!) No reply Mum. The next thing we know, he is on the very top of the cupboard which houses our fridge, looking over the edge!! Son is now in a state of panic and so am I, the phone then rings, it's not Dad, but a customer. 'It's for you Mum', what to do? Stig is on top of the highest cupboard in the house, and there's the phone, Son is now crying, screaming Noooooo Stig!! I get rid of the phone call. Get a chair and his plastic ball and hope.......Stig climbs quietly in to his ball. Panic over.....Dad finally arrives home to place him in his cage. I can't help but admire the Stig, his cheeks full of food, venturing out on his adventure......We all kinda love him more now........Who didn't shut the cage properly? The doors are now tied up, I wouldn't want to go through that again!


  1. What an adventure for him - and you of course!


  2. What an adventure Stig had! Loving it ;-)

  3. That brought back memories of my pet hamsters, one escaped and spent a happy weekend demolishing all sorts of things in my bedroom while I was away for a night. Stig looks and sounds like he is going to be a complete character.

  4. Hamsters are amazing escape artists! We had hamsters as children & had one called The Fonz (showing my age) who used to escape regularly - we used a peg to keep his cage door shut & that finally did the trick.


  5. Oh dear, what a nightmare! So glad it had a happy ending! Penny x

  6. glad he's safely back in his cage.Was a bit worried there for a minute...thought it was all going to end in tears! :o)

  7. Aww Bless him, he looks so cute....x

  8. What a funny story. I glad he was found! He is so cute!

  9. Hi, nice to meet you...
    Oh! What a drama! Glad Stig is safe and sound - they are adventurous little beasts. I feel for you in your moment of hamster-on-the-loose-but-I-cannot-handle-him stress!


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