Catch up!

Yes, like so many others, I always seem to be playing catch up, and now the children are on their Summer break, well, there never seems to be a spare moment somehow. Life has been busy, no sooner do you start the week, the next thing you know it is Friday again! Anyhow I have managed to load new products onto the Country Style Living website, please take a look if you have a spare moment, they include

Other than restocking the website, we managed another visit to London, this time visiting the Tate Modern and then catching a game at the Emirates, between Arsenal and AC Milan, this was the first visit to a home game for my husband (a life long Arsenal supporter) and also my son, who is of course also an Arsenal supporter, so it was quite special, walking with the fans to the match etc, instead of just tuning in on the TV. Even I got into the swing of things!

Aswell as this visit we have enjoyed the usual trips out with friends, walks on the beach etc, with plenty more to follow, another 3 weeks of the holidays left still!
I am also proud to say my husband and I have become Aunt and Uncle again to lovely, Martha, a beautiful baby girl, born yesterday, weighing 8lb 6 oz, a welcome sister for Angus. My son was especially pleased with a new baby girl for a cousin. Congratulations to all the family!
Hope you all have a lovely week!


  1. Congratulations on your new niece, it sounds like you are having a great Summer holiday. I know what you mean about the days flying by.
    Ann x

  2. You have found some great stuff for your website. I'm impressed that you enjoyed the football! Congratulations on becoming an aunt again to your new niece.
    Susie X

  3. Congratulations on becoming an Auntie. Love that fire screen.

  4. hi- isn't it nice being an auntie!
    looks like you've got MORE lovelies on the website, oh so tempting.
    Have a good week

  5. If that is a picture of your garden above, I am so jealous, it is gorgeous


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