The wonders of 'You' magazine..

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend. Our weekend has been spent watching our son play in a local footie tournament, and yesterday a trip to the Newark Autojumble, which mainly sells anything from old cars and motorbikes to spareparts and related items. Luckily the weather was OK for both, which makes all the difference. Unfortunately my sons team did not win the footie tournament, but as the saying goes it's the taking part that counts! The trip to the autojumble proved fruitless too, but my son loved looking at the classic cars parked up from VW campers to American Chevvys to Lotus and Porsches. Did not take a camera, so missed a real photo time maybe.

One of my pleasures of a weekend, is a relaxing morning with the You magazine from the Mail on Sunday, I always start from back to front, because the home section and cookery section are there.

Here are some photo's from a couple of weeks ago, featuring chef Mark Hix's home.

I love the mix of modern and vintage! I have always dreamt of having a walk in pantry, one day maybe!

Here's wishing you all a lovely week ahead.....


  1. A walk in pantry is something I would love, have to make to with a cupboard. How lovely to be able to see everything rather than hunt around at the back of a cupboard and find items well past their sell by date. I love his work top and drawers. Jane x

  2. Lovely stuff in You magazine, will have to phone my dad and ask him to save them for me.
    Have a lovely week.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. I think You is one of the best magazine reads around.
    All of the articles are short, to the point and interesting and the fashion, homestyle n food spreads are always fabulous.

    We have a walk-in pantry with painted pine shelves and it's probably my favourite room in the house.

    Love the pink painted bentwood on the website photo- very YOU MAGAZINE!

  4. I love You magazine too. I used to read it when I was at home and now my mum saves it for me.

    Victoria x

  5. The You magazine is always my treat on Sunday, and I always start at the back so I can agonise over Liz Jones' latest disasters! I've been worrying all week about Michael the sheepdog! There are usually great recipes too... Penny x


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