It's Tuesday already!

Yes it's Tuesday already, a short week this week.I hope everyone has had a lovely long weekend, the weather here was better than forecast, no real rain to speak of, only small showers, but still windy and cool, just aswell really as most of the weekend was spent watching the son play in a local footie tournament. Yesterday was gardening day, and we managed to get the Sweet Pea's in and my husband got caught up with all the veg planting etc. It's that time of year now, when you only have to blink and the lawn needs cutting again, our flower border seems to have grown over night!
I don't seem to have been watching much TV lately, apart from my favourites, which I have wrote about previously, so I have spent my evenings making a button lampshade, as seen in the Thrifty Chic book, as I didn't have any small buttons, mine is an alternative version.

It's not perfect, but that makes it quite appealing, doesn't it!

I have also been busy uploading new stock to the Country Style Living website including:

Vintage 'Mobo' childs scooter with brake

Vintage Wooden Chair

Pretty Floral Vernon Ward print

Pretty Country Style Footstool
I am trying to add new products to the website on a regular basis, if you have the time please take a look...


  1. your button lamp shade is great, what a good idea.

  2. I love the little scooter. I had one a bit like it when I was a child!

  3. Hello Maria. Zoe from Pennyblossoms here. I love your button lamshade. It certainly gives Tiffany a run for its' money, particularly the photo of it illuminated. Very pretty.
    Z xx

  4. Hi Maria....lovely to meet you hun!
    We have soooooooo much in common!! Where do you live? Close enough to say hello?
    Glad to have you as a friend....
    look forward to hearing from you!
    Karen x x x

  5. The button shade is a great idea!

    I love that print… I’m off to check out what other goodies are on your website.

    Victoria xx

  6. Hello Maria.. I am very impressed with that button lampshade, always lovely to see something original and inspiring.


  7. just LOVE the button looks so sweet when clever you are!

  8. Thank you for such a fab comment!xxx

  9. Love the button shade and Vernon Ward - he's a favourite of mine.

  10. oooooh, love the lampshade - such a clever idea with a multitude of options!!
    BH x

  11. Oh the lampshade is so lovely, a great use of a button collection.

  12. A button covered lampshade, such a great idea and so pretty. I do like that Vernon Ward print!
    I think that we are all at it at the moment, gardening, gardening, gardening...That's all we've been doing over the past week.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x


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