...Just wanted to 'Thank' all of you who are now following this blog, it makes all the difference to think somebody may be interested in what you are doing, and have to say! I have now reached more than the 10 followers required and will therefore make the draw for the lovely Beswick Pot tomorrow. Good Luck! I am following a few of you already, but those I am not, I hope to visit shortly. I still can't quite believe how many talented people there out there, and I love looking at all the individual websites and blogs, all with different ideas. I just wanted also to share this picture of my Christmas Hyacinth, which has just decided to bloom, and is not only beautiful to look at, but the scent is also amazing.



  1. That Hyacinth maybe a christmas one, but all these lovely budding flowers i am seeing in blogland are making me think of spring xx

  2. Read your blog with my own white hyacinth scentinh the room beside me, heavenly isn't it? Roll on Spring! Penny (Planet Penny)

  3. Love that hyacinth!! I have one in the kitchen, and don't they smell beautiful?!! A little reminder that Spring is on the way!!

    Sharon xx


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